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xericaxisxurxfr's Journal

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January 11th at 6pm
: Do you know what happens to a girl, once a month!?!?

I finally notice yesterday that I can wake up at 6:30, have an hour to get ready and make it on time for school!

Now, I'm going to start doing that, fuck the wakin up early and gettin there at school all early and nobody is there!

Accept for BRENDLEE! Lame pick me up this morning! But I shouldn't be talkin, Miguel, Jesse, Victor and I

Are in charge next week, wonder what are we going to do! It might be worst then todays!

It was pretty fun in the morning

Learning roots, I really dislike roots though, but it was pretty good, I actually participated! Like what Ms. Nic said "Erica,

doesn't even like roots and she knows the answers" Jees, I know, bitches! During Silent Reading I had to write to Shannon

about how I'm feeling with everything and especially with one situation, I been dealing with! God, I really dislike it! But that pain is still

With me and I want it <B>GONE</B>. But one thing I don't do, is take it out of no one and our don't make it as obvious, I have

Fun and I don't want to be a buzzkill either! Pretty much after lunch, it was ughh, I was wondering around a lot, but when Lupe and

Ashely came, Lupe taught me to do roses, that ppl put on cakes, it was awesome, but I got it all over my face, hands and clothes. My

face was sticky! It was fun! Hahahaha, so our advisement was in charge of pick me up so that means we have to clean too, hahaha

Shannon got stuck cleaning the girl's restroom and my dumbass decided to help her becuz I'm

A nice friend and I won't let her go through harsh situations, but it suck, I got stuck with the stall with...STRONG>Wait!!!</strong>

 Do you know what happens to a girl, once a month?!? Omfg! That dispenser was full of it and one of the thing was

stuck to the dispenser and omg, it smell, let just say I will never include my self doing the girl's

restroom again! It made my stomach sick! Went to algebra II, had a good time laughing, especially

with Caren, she made me laugh out loud. It was awesome, now some homework, I been doing

really good lately and don't want to screw that up! I'm really tierd too!



8th January 2006

January 8th at 7pm
: Ur mama! haha! I don't know!
Hint hint:

to find me, go to myspace page and u see it near about me!

January 8th at 2pm
I'm going to have a new live journal

friends only!

so no more, of this one!

u gots to find me!

or ask me nicely!

7th January 2006

January 7th at 2pm
: We Are Nowhere And It's Now

it was awesome

the 3 of us didn't wake up

with a


Especially me, I vomit it all out!

And then took a shower

But I was okay, way better than Alecks and Shannon!

January 7th at 1pm
my phone is gay and it doesn't work!

Aww, what a morning too! I wake up and Alecks is laying right next to me!

Awesome! I went to bed @ 2:45am! hahaha

Alecks was wasting my cell phone mintutes! haha

but it was great!

I got really sick last night, hahaha

Someone atleast could of like "hold my hair"

it was fun!

We past King Taco yesterday and went to the store!

hahaha we were weird yesterday!

It the first time I actually walk the

streets of Cypress Park!


6th January 2006

January 6th at 11pm
I'm having a good time here!

Really good time!

words to describe this day/night!




and beyond!

I decided not to by friends with someone, no more!

Fool me once shame on u, fool me twice shame on me!

I might got that wrong, but I feel stupid right now!

January 6th at 8am
: I'm going to a sleepover, la la la!
woo, today is gunna be awesome!

Going to shannon's house and sleepover!

Wooooooooooo, I'm so excited!

My mama is actually letting me go!

That's the crazy part!

I'm sick, still! Yesterday I was to tierd to be online!

So I wanted to go! I went to bed and couldn't sleep all night!

I also yesterday had to go with my mother to the dentist! Eh!

Also I had an eye appt. too and the doctor recommended me to

Get Laser sugery for my eye so I won't need glasses anymore!

But I was like I rather suffer with glasses then actually gettin

A laser in my eye! Pshh! I go back on 26th, to see what's up!

I'm so excited, can't wait till tonight! woo hoo!

3rd January 2006

January 3rd at 8am
: I feel mix up!

Good Morning! ♥

 I’m not feeling really good this morning!

 I’m at work also and for one little stupid cookie

 It made me sick to my stomach! Eh!

 Have you ever seen a cookie that looks so good

 But once you take that bite of it…it taste like shit!!

 Yeah, that what happen to me this morning and now

 I feel like crap! The boys start laughing because I was

 Vomiting and I told them, and then you guys should taste it

 So they did and they were like “Eww…this is nasty”

 Now you know how I feel! Crazy Boys!

 So…school is starting next week and I’m not ready to go back!

 But at the same time I do because I want to see all my friends!

 Too much work and I know I’m going to be stressing out and being

 Paranoid like always! Tomorrow I’m going to school and work with Ms.

 Nicodemus and also to get some work completed because I know that

 I won’t work at home and I’m just going to waste my time for nothing!!

 Okay… I think…and I write I THINK. I’m not going be on AIM no more

 In till school starts because of many reasons and one major reason is a heffer

 That lives in my house that sometimes annoys me and gets me mad!

 But yeah!!

 Psshh!! If You guys need to talk...don't be shy and call me on my phone! kk!

 I’m excited to go to my first sleepover this Friday or Saturday… I don’t

 Know I’ forgot and also excited because of Eric’s b-day and I already plan

 Out his gift and he’s going to love it!

 It’s awesome!

 Well… I’m Out! ♥

 Long Entry!

31st December 2005

December 31st at 6pm
: Open BIG Erica!!!

So right now, I feel a little num in my left face

I went to the dentist today and ehhh scary!!

I hate the dentist becuz I always have since I was a little girl

so today I had NO Cavities!! woo hoo!!! But damn!!

My filling from 6 months ago a chip came off so they

had to remove everything and replace it with white filling!!

So I got injected with that num thing 7 times and wooo I felt I was going to die!!

I couldn't swallow, talk, nothin!! Then they fix my chip in the font 2 teeth

In 2nd grade I fell in my front 2 teeth and a chip from those teeth came off, sooooo

they finally fix!! I was scare but was glad to be finish and have a good doctor!!

So, I feel good too, just woke up from a 5 hr nap!! I needed it!! lol

Happy New Years Eve!!! Tomorrow will be a fresh new start again!!!


28th December 2005

December 28th at 7pm

Purple is my favorite color!!! Awww...my sister came home yesterday and I'm mad becuz I wanted some

peace for a few days!!! Which I'm not gettin that now!!! I'm getting another hair cut tomorrow and dying my

hair burgundy!!! It's gonna look "sexy"!!! My sister got her both of her top ears pierced...chicken...she got

scared and I was like deal with it becuz now I have 13 piercings on my ear!!! I'm crazy but it looks good!!

I got new earrings with BACKS to it...haha...finally...poor vacum has suck up all my earrings

now I wonder why that vacum screws up all the time!!

ooo well..lol...well I'm still scrap booking and it's lookin really good!! I love it!!!

Got to go back and do some more...intill next time!!


22nd December 2005

December 22nd at 12am
: I will do ANYTHING just to sleep already!!
the subject says it all!

Current Mood: sleepy

21st December 2005

December 21st at 7am
: Housesitting!!
woo hoo.. i'm house sitting for a week!!!!

I started yesterday and it's going really good!!

I can stay up till like 1:00 in the morning online!!!

::cough cough:: that's if I make it, of course!

My dumbass fell asleep at 8:30 yesterday, knowing I can stay up late!

jnkjrenjkgnrqejngjkreqngk I'm excited!!

Current Mood: excited

17th December 2005

December 17th at 3pm
: scrapbooking, anyone?
my dad is out of the hospital

thank god

brrrr its cold

really cold..I think I'm gettin sick again


I'm going to go do a scrapbook! ooo..I love it!

I rather sit for 5 hours doing scrapbooking then going to college classes all this time!


Current Mood: creative

16th December 2005

December 16th at 7pm
I got my secret santa gift.....

Shannon....thanks... scrapbooking is my thing!

Daniel love his..it was a Dr.Dre T-shirt, with his face and under it said The Chronic

He wore it right after I gave it to him!

tomorrow..spanish ehh

Eric...lovin the gift...love u all!

15th December 2005

December 15th at 7pm
went to the galleria

all by myself

got daniel's secret santa gift: funny!

never expected that coming from him

I got 6 out of 9 presents..got 2 more!

I'm not a lazy loser a.k.a leaping learner today!

14th December 2005

December 14th at 8pm


school hasn't been going good lately!

13th December 2005

December 13th at 6pm
: boys don't cry....
{♥} I'm so happy with my self{♥}

{♥}I accomplish all my goals today I'm not a leaping learning (double losers who didn't met their


{♥}woo hoo! I just put headset on and did all my work!{♥}

{♥}after school, went straight home, went to Chumel's house{♥}

{♥}vist him for a moment...funnny...we were laughing about some crazy shit{♥}

{♥}what's funny..we live so close and we never even see each other{♥}

{♥} were cool!{♥}


11th December 2005

December 11th at 7pm
: Hungry for a magician!?!?
Yeeahhh!!!! I serious thought that today was going to waste of my life! But no! I went to my mom's friend house u all know her Mrs. Monterroso...her son's b-day party...it was awesome... he had a magician!!!!

He was chinese..his laugh was hilarious! He had a Hitler Mustache! hahahaha! Vero and I were laughing sooo much!

vero and hang for the whole party but it was great!

Then as my mother and I were coming home she goes "I'm going to tell u a secret" and I'm like "what" blah blah blah ahhhhhhhhhhh "i'm going have a Murder Mystery Party for my 17th b-day..wooooooo wooooooo

oh my god...save up my friends cuz u guys have to dress up from the 1920s baby!!! wooo!! Like Hay Fever!

With a magician in the begining! yeahhhhhhh!!!!!! ahhh i'm so excited! We start planning it February!

8th December 2005

December 8th at 11pm
: *cough cough* *snezze snezze*
I'm a sicky poo today...but I'm sorta better....way better than this morning

I thought I was going to die...but H.R.A came to the rescue. Damn! My mom didn't let me

stay and I had no choice but to go to school...quote: "If u don't go to school, then your not

going to the performance today" and I wouldn't want that to happen and everyone hate me.

Anywazs, Sotero wasn't even there...just imagine me not being there...what a ...idk!

My dad came and started telling me shit...but It's okay....I think i'm the victim...but w/e

I'm tierd and holy shit...my dad bought me medicine...gosh...after he like told me off...


*sniff sniff*

I ♥ u bitches!

6th December 2005

December 6th at 3pm
*cough cough*

I didn't go to school today....

...to be honest I didn't want too but I still have my friends in my thoughts...

...but I have a little cough and a stuffy nose...

It's really cold!!! *cough cough* gtg!


5th December 2005

December 5th at 9pm
...ooooo.. someone....gets on my nerves....

...that person...knows...who she is....

...ahhhhhhh.........she makes me mad soo bad....

......but she right... I always think the negative...

...then the positive....it's a habit.. throughtout my years

I was always been the bad girl...always people telling me...stuff

that makes me feel bad....so I have change... it's been a long time...

...but that is stick to head...that won't change at all...

and I won't stop remembering that...becuz once u do the things...people look at u differently...

...according to my mother and my father I'm still the same....but it's okay... they will

wake up and say my daughter has change a lot!!! ehhhh....mad! ehhhh...sad!!! ehhh..confuse!!!

goodnight ♥

3rd December 2005

December 3rd at 10pm
....tonight's show went awesome....

....I luved it sooo much....

....everyone was all excited...

....that brought a smile in my face....

...marcos and eric....

....are going to go down....

...especially marcos....

...for taking me down...

...in the boy's restroom...

....butit was awesome....

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so great....

...my family and eric's family was the loud ones in the play...

....you wonder y eric and I are always hilarious and outgoing....

December 3rd at 3am
drama....show...ehh.. i wanna sleep...ahhhh

*****marcos....was....father nature today.......whoa..sexy!!!***

29th November 2005

November 29th at 9am
...toooo early in the morning...

...I brought my cart to school...

...no hating on my cart...

...it's awesome...

...drama till 9:00 eh...not looing forward to it...

...feelin sick yesterday realling bad...

...I want to have fun...

...I don't know why...but yeah...

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11th January 2006

January 11th at 7pm
: opps, wrong lj!
Wrong livejournal to write the entry too!

I can never resist the old things, sometimes!
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